Sandboxing Level: Moderate

Page setup:

  1. Commenting is enabled.
  2. There is at least one comment.
  3. There is another POST form other than the comment form.
  4. But there are no custom scripts being added to the page.

Therefore, when on loose or moderate sandboxing:

  1. It should not served as AMP (so the amp attribute on the html element should be omitted).
  2. The amp-form extension must not be on the page.
  3. The action-xhr attribute must not be on the comment form nor on the other POST form.
  4. The amp-bind implementation for threaded comments is omitted since the page is not going for AMP validity anyway, so the comment form must not have an on attribute and any comment reply links must also omit any on attributes.
  5. Tree-shaking is enabled, but inline styles and !important quantifiers are left as-is.
  6. Any noscript tags should continue to get unwrapped.

Verify that there are no elements on the page with red dashed borders. They should be green instead.

This paragraph is important!

This is the noscript tag!
This should come after an unwrapped noscript!

I will have a green border if tree-shaking is enabled!

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