Sandboxing Level: Loose

Page setup:

  1. Commenting is enabled.
  2. There is at least one comment.
  3. There is a custom script on the page.

Therefore, in loose sandboxing:

  1. The page should not be served as amp.
  2. The amp-form extension must not be on the page.
  3. The comments form must have action and not action-xhr.
  4. The comment-reply.js file must be on the page, and amp-bind implementation of threaded comments must be absent.
  5. Tree-shaking must be turned off.
  6. Noscript unwrapping should not be performed.

Verify that there are no elements on the page with red dashed borders. They should be green instead.

This paragraph is important!

This is the noscript tag! I SHOULD NOT BE SEEN!

I will have a green border if tree-shaking is disabled!

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